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Campus CESI Lyon Villeurbanne
15C Av. Albert Einstein, 69100 Villeurbanne

Research interest

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Digital Twin
  • Ontologies
  • Decision support systems

Educational activities

  • Disciplines : Data bases, IT development, Data management, IA
  • Activities : educational tutoring engineering students, educational design


PHD in computing

University of Lyon


Master II

INSA de Lyon

 Systèmes d’information


Ingeneer in computing

University of Annaba


Current Research Program

Hybrid Approach for predictive maintenance

Selected publication

  • F. Bentayeb, N. HAMOUR, H. MAHBOUBI, C. Favre, S.  Loudcher, N. Harbi, O. Boussaid, J. Darmont, « Innovative, Approaches for efficiently Warehousing Complex Data from the Web », Business Intelligence Applications and the Web : Models, Systems and Technologies, (In. Marta E. Zorrilla, Jose-Norberto Mazon, Oscar Ferrandez, Irene Garrigos, Florian Daniel, Juan Trujillo, 2011 ; Business Science Reference, IGI Book, 26-52.
  • N. HAMOUR, O. Boussaïd, F. Bentayeb, M.Fahad, Automatic Ontology Merging using Hierarchical Clustering and Inference, IKnow, 10th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies 1–3 September 2010, Messe Congress Graz, Austria
  • N. HAMOUR, O. Boussaid, F. Bentayeb, Ontology-based Mediation System, 13th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering : Research and Applications (CE 06), Antibes, France, September 2006 ; Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Vol. 143, 271-278
  • N. HAMOUR, O. Boussaïd, F. Bentayeb, Hybrid Architecture of OWL-Ontologies for Relational Data Sources integration, 18th Information Ressource Management Association International Conference (IRMA 07), 857-864. Vancouver, Canada, May 2007 ; IRMA, Hershey, USA
  • N. HAMOUR, O. Boussaïd, F. Bentayeb, Ontology Merging by Clustering For Data Warehouse Building on-the-fly, joint meeting of the Soci´et´e Francophone de Classification and the Classification and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Society of Statistics (SFC-CLADAG) (2008)
  • N. HAMOUR, O. Boussaïd, F. Bentayeb, Fusion d’ontologies par classification hiérarchique et inférence pour la conception d’un entrepôt de données, 2nd French conférence sur les Ontologies (JFO 08), D´ecembre 2008, Lyon, France.
  • N. HAMOUR, K. Aouiche, J. Darmont, Sélection automatique d’index et de vues matérialisées dans les entrepôts de données, 2nd conference francophone sur les Entrepôts de Données et L’analyse en ligne (EDA 06), Versailles, Juin 2006 ; Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information, Vol. B-2, Cépaduès, Toulouse, 89-104.
  • Nora HAMOUR, Kamel Aouiche, Jérôme Darmont : Sélection simultanée d’index et de vues matérialisées. CoRR abs/0707. 1306 (2007)