MENDONÇA Kátia Cordeiro


Research Gate

+33 6 67 51 17 02

Bâtiment LAB’ IN TECH
8 rue Isabelle Autissier Pôle Atlantech
17140 Lagord

Research themes

  • Building energy analysis
  • Indoor air quality
  • Air distribution in confined spaces

Educational activities

Topics : Air Conditioning, Fluid Mechanics, Refrigeration, Thermodynamics, Turbomachinery. 

Pedagogical approaches : Lectures, Tutorials and Project-based learning. 

Levels : undergraduate and graduate studies.


Doctor in Civil Engineering (Building physics)

Master in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Sciences)

Mechanical Engineer

Research supervision activity

Theses in progress

Anastácio DA SILVA JUNIOR « Development of a comfort-based controller for split-type room air-conditioners », 2016-2019

Theses concluded

Marcos LOPES BATISTELLA « Numerical modelling of particle dispersion and deposition in ventilation duct bends », 2019.


Scientific activity and laboratory life

Tipee – Plateforme Technologique du Bâtiment Durable (Sept/2018 – present)

  • Building simulation: thermal, airflow and pollutant transport
  • R&D projects : conception, execution and management

Participation in the commission for the implementation of the Local Higher Education, Research and Innovation Plan for the La Rochelle Urban Area - Focus: Sustainable Urban Coastal Pole. (2017 - Sept/2018)


Expertise activities

Reviewer of the Brazilian magazine "Ambiente Construído" in the field of building physics.



Summary (2014-2020)

  • ACL : 5
  • INV
  • ACTI : 8
  • ACTN : 5
  • OS


Selected publications

ACL : Articles in peer-reviewed journals 2014-2020

  • SILVA JUNIOR A, MENDONÇA KC, VILAIN R, PEREIRA ML, MENDES N. On the development of a simplified model for thermal comfort control of split systems. Building Simulation, 179, 1-14, 2020.
  • LOPES MB, MARIANI VC, MENDONÇA KC, BÉGHEIN C. On the use of particle-wall interaction models to predict particle-laden flow in 90-deg bends. Building Simulation, 2020 (sous presse).
  • GARCIA MA, MENDES LA, GONCALVES JM, MENDONÇA KC, N MENDES. Comparative Analysis of hydraulic refrigeration and mechanical vapour compression water cooling technologies in designing a technical system for oyster conservation. Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, 2020 (sous presse).
  • MENDONÇA KC, ABADIE MO, BÉGHEIN C, BLONDEAU P. Assessing the capabilities of the zonal model to predict the isothermal airflow induced by a linear ceiling diffuser. Building Simulation, 7, 489-501, 2014.
  • MEISSNER JW, ABADIE MO, MOURA LM, MENDONÇA KC; MENDES N. Performance curves of room air conditioners for building energy simulation tools. Applied Energy, 129, 243-252, 2014.