Research Director at CESI | Leader of the application domain « Industry of the Future Head of Research and Innovation Department CESI Nord-Ouest


+33 2 35 81 85 60

80 rue Edmund Halley
Rouen Madrillet
76808 Saint Etienne du

Research interests

  • Decision support tools in the planning and scheduling of tasks
  • Data analysis, decision support tools for maintenance operations

Pedagogical activities

  • Disciplines : Electromagnetism, Electricity, Training through Research
  • Level: Masters, Engineers cycle


HDR in Electronics

University of Rouen


PhD in Microwaves

University of Limoges


DEA in electronics

University of Limoges

Microwave and Optical Communications


Current research programs

  • Leader of the implementation of a research and innovation platform in industrial performance 2015 -2020
  • Responsible for the sizing of the demonstrator “Factory of the Future” as part of the installation of CESI at Madrillet

Research supervision

PhD Programs in progress

  • Merouane MAZAR, «Simulation and optimization of dynamic management of scalable tasks on autonomous mobile robots », 2018 – 2021
  • Yiyi XU, «Sim-Optimisation of BIO-waste treatment system using multi-agent and multi-objective optimization systems » 2018 – 2021
  • Elodie PILLON, «Contributing to a greater understanding diversity of open innovation practices in SME », 2016 – 2020.

  PhD programs achieved

  • Amin Mohamed BENATIA, «Multi-Objective Optimization of a Network Infrastructure Dedicated to Smart Building Applications » December 2016
  • David CHEVALLIER, « Contribution to the development of nearfield measurement techniques for EMC applications : realization of an electro-optical bench» July 2012

Scientific animation

  • Member of Scientific Council of LINEACT Bureau Member of Training and Research pole «Numerical Sciences» of COMUE Normandie »
  • Member of Scientific Council of ED MIIS, COMUE Normandie
  • Member of Doctoral School College of COMUE Normandie


Synthesis (2009-2019)

  • ACL : 14
  • INV : 1
  • ACTI : 42
  • ACTN : 18

Selected publications

  • M. Mazar, B. Bettayeb, M. Sahnoun, N. Klement, A. Louis “Simulation and optimization of robotic tasks for UV treatment of diseases in horticulture“ Operational Research. International Journal ORIJ-D-19-00054R2, doi: 10.1007/s12351-019-00541-w
  • A. Remadna, A. Benatia, A. Louis, C. Gout., A predictive analysis data-based for additive manufacturing, Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering, Vol 8, pp. 125-130, 2018 DOI 10.3233/978-1-61499-902-7-125
  • Y. Xu, M. Sahnoun, M. Mazar, F. Ben Abdelaziz, A. Louis, "Packaged Bio-Waste Management Simulation Model Application: Normandy Region, France", ICMSAO, Manama, Bahrain, 2019
  • B. Brik, B. Bettayeb, M. Sahnoun, A. Louis, "Accuracy and Localization-Aware Rescheduling for Flexible Flow Shops in Industry 4.0", CoDIT'19, Paris, France, 2019
  • Y. Xu, M. Sahnoun, F. Ben Abdelaziz, D. Baudry, A. Louis, "Multiobjective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem: Simulation Approach", AFROS 2018, Tunis, Tunisia, 2018
  • A. Remadna, M. A. Benatia, A. Louis and C. Gout, A predictive analysis data based for additive manufacturing ICMR, Skövde, Suède, 2018