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24 rue du marché au filé
62000 Arras CEDEX

Research topics

  • Knowledge management
  • Uncertainty management / Belief function theory
  • Decision support / Machine learning
  • Information fusion
  • Predictive maintenance


Academic activities

  • Disciplines : Computer Science, Networks & Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing.
  • Modules : Algorithms, Operating systems, Object-oriented programming, Computer networks, Web development, Dynamic Web, Mathematical software tools, Internet technology.
  • Levels : DUT 1st and 2nd years, Licence 1st year.


Ph.D. in Computer and Automatic Engineering, LGI2A –

Artois University, France


PhD in Computer Science applied to Management, LARODEC

University of Tunis, Tunisia


Master of Research in Sciences and Techniques of Business Intelligence

Institut Supérieur de Gestion - University of Tunis, Tunisia

Option Computer Science and Knowledge Management


Master's degree in Data Mining and Knowledge Management

Polytech'Nantes -University of Nantes, France.

Option Knowledge Extraction from Data


Bachelor Degree in Computer Science applied to Management

Institut Supérieur de Gestion - University of Tunis, Tunisia


Ongoing research program

Collaborator in the ANR project  SCOPES 2022-2025

Supervision of thesis

Planned for 2022-2025

Scientific activity and laboratory life

Member of LINEACT as « Researcher - Lecturer »


Synthesis (2017-2022)

  • International journals :  2
  • National journals : 1
  • International conferences : 9
  • National conferences : 1

Selected publications

  • Ben Ayed, S., Elouedi, Z., & Lefevre., E. (2020). An Evidential Integrated Method for Maintaining Case Base and Vocabulary Containers within CBR Systems. Information Sciences, pp. 214-229. 
  • Ben Ayed, S., Elouedi, Z., & Lefevre., E. (2021). CIMMEP: Constrained Integrated Method for CBR Maintenance based on Evidential Policies. Applied Intelligence, pp. 1-16. 
  • Ben Ayed, S., Elouedi, Z., & Lefevre., E. (2019). Toward the Evaluation of Case Base Maintenance Policies Under the Belief Function Theory. In: 15th European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches with Uncertainty (ECSQARU) (pp. 113-124).
  • Ben Ayed, S., Elouedi, Z., & Lefevre., E. (2018). CEC-Model: A new competence model for CBR systems based on the belief function theory. In: 26th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR) (pp. 28-44).
  • Ben Ayed, S., Elouedi, Z., & Lefevre., E. (2017). ECTD: Evidential Clustering and case Types Detection for case base maintenance. In: 14th International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA) (pp. 1462- 1469).