EL ZAHER Madeleine


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+33 5 61 00 38 30

CESI – Toulouse site
16 Rue Magellan
31670 Labège

Research interests

Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, robot-robot interactions, human-robot interactions

Teaching activities

  • Specialties : Computer Sciences
  • Pedagogy : Lectures, tutorials, project-based
  • Levels : First to fifth year Engineering curriculum
  • Teaching responsibilities: responsible of a promotion of Engineering students


PhD in Computer Sciences

Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard


Master’s degree in Computer Sciences and telecommunication

Université Paul Sabatier


Selected publications

Peer-reviewed journal

  • Madeleine El-Zaher, Franck Gechter, Mohammad Hajjar, Pablo Gruer, “An interaction model for a local approach to vehicle platoons”. International Journal of vehicle autonomous system. 2015.
  • Madeleine El-Zaher, Jean-Michel Contet, Pablo Gruer, Franck Gechter, and Abderrafiaa Koukam. « Compositional verification for reactive multi-agent systems applied to platoon non collision verification”. Stud. Inform. Univ., 10(3):119–141, 2012.
  • Madeleine El-Zaher, Baudouin Dafflon, Franck Gechter, and JeanMichel Contet, « Vehicle platoon control with multi-configuration ability”. Procedia CS, 9:1503–1512, 2012.

  Proceedings with reading committees

  • David Trimoulet, Madeleine El-Zaher, Celine Viazzi, M'hammed Sahnoun, David Baudry. “Multi Robot Path Planning Approach for Dynamic Environment”. 15th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR 2017).
  • Madeleine El-Zaher and Baudouin Dafflon, “An Agile development for platoon system based on Verification and Validation”. 10th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2016).
  • Madeleine El-Zaher, Baudouin Dafflon and Franck Gechter “A cyber-Physical model for platoon system”. 9 th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2015).
  • Madeleine El-Zaher and Franck Gechter. “Platoon system: a novel reconfigurable and adaptable transportation system”. In International Conference on Logistics and Transport (ICLT), November 2015.
  • Madeleine El-Zaher, Jean-Michel Contet, Franck Gechter, and Abderrafiaa Koukam. « Echelon platoon organisation: A distributed approach based on 2-spring virtual links.” In International conference on Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Sytems, applications (AIMSA), pages 246–255, 2012.
  • Madeleine El-Zaher, Franck Gechter, Pablo Gruer, and Mohammad Hajjar. “A new linear platoon model based on reactive multi-agent systems”. In International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI), pages 898–899, 2011.