BUISINE Stéphanie

« Learning and Innovating » Theme Co-Leader CESI – LINEACT

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+ 33 1 55 17 80 92

CESI, 93 bd de la Seine
92 000 Nanterre

Research interests

Innovation, prospective, creativity, innovative organizations

Teaching activities

  • Specialties: Innovation, Ergonomics, Statistics.
  • Pedagogy: Lectures, Tutorials, Project-based.
  • Levels: First to fifth year, Bachelor, Master’s degree, Engineering curriculum, Professional training, Doctoral training.

  Teaching responsibilities:

  • Responsible of the Innovation option for CESI Graduate School of Engineering (2014-2015)
  • Responsible of the “Innovation and Business Development” Master program, Arts et Métiers (2011- 2014)
  • Responsible of the “Innovation Design Engineering” Master program, Arts et Métiers (2005-2014).


Habilitation (HDR) in Ergonomics

Paris Descartes University


PhD in Cognitive Psychology & Ergonomic

Paris Descartes University


Master’s degree in Ergonomics

Paris Descartes University


Master’s degree in Psychology

University of Lille 3


Current research programs

  • CIFRE – SNCF / STRATE, 2020-2023
  • ANR – CREAM, 2019-2022
  • CIFRE – Châlons Agglo, 2019-2022
  • Management – Laser Fusion, 2017-2020

Research supervision

PhD programs in progress

  • Mégane SARTORE «Ikigai Robotics : A key factor of agents’ work engagement, for a high industrial performance» 2020-2023
  • Amandine TATON «Innovation opportunities related to Silver Economy» 2019-2022
  • Ericka ROTTEMBERG « Evolution of managerial pratices in organizations» 2017-2020

  PhD programs achieved

  • Muriel DAVIES « Diagnosing and developing Innovation Culture in French organizations» 2015-2019
  • Milija SIMLESA «Collective Flow : Sociocognitive model of optimal collaboration» 2015-2018
  • Andréa BOISADAN «Universal design for an intuitive and accessible signage» 2015- 2018 Jessy BARRÉ «Towards new tools for anticipating users’ needs» 2015
  • Julien NELSON «Contribution to prospective use analysis in innovation projects» 2011
  • Ornella PLOS «Innovate for and through disability» 2011

  Postdoc supervision

  • Jérôme GUEGAN 2013-2014 Amandine AFONSO JACO 2012-2013

  Master students supervision

  • Supervision of 58 Master’s students between 2004 and 2015.

Scientific animation

Co-leader of LINEACT Theme « Apprendre et Innover » Member of LINEACT scientific board Conference organization:

  • 5 international conferences,
  • 11 national conferences and workshops

Evaluation activities

ANR referee since 2009 Habilitation and PhD jury :

  • Main reviewer for 2 habilitations.
  • Main reviewer for 18 PhD theses.
  • Reviewer for 7 PhD theses.
  • Member of 6 PhD committees.


Overview (2000-2017)

  • ACL : 37
  • INV : 25
  • ACTI : 32
  • ACTN : 63
  • OS : 9
  • Patents : 5
  • General public : 8

Selected publication

OS : Ouvrages, chapitres d’ouvrages

  • [OS5] Bourgognon, C., Buisine, S., Guillemot, G., Kestelyn, X., MullerSegard, L., Saveuse, M. (2018). Enseigner l'industrie du futur. Paris: Institut de la Réindustrialisation.
  • [OS4] Davies, M., Buisine, S. (2018). Innovation culture in organizations. In: M. Chouteau, J. Forest, & C. Nguyen (Eds), Science, Technology and Innovation Cuture, Chapter 6, pp. 101- 115. ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • [OS3] Buisine, S., Bourgeois-Bougrine, S. (2018). The creative process in engineering - Teaching innovation to engineering students. In: T. Lubart (Ed.), The creative process - Perspectives from multiple domains, Chapter 7, pp. 181-207. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • [OS2] Buisine, S., Guegan, J., Vernier, F. (2017). Technological innovation in group creativity. In: F. Darbellay, Z. Moody, & T. Lubart (Eds.), Creativity, design thinking and interdisciplinarity, Chapter 12, pp. 185-201.
  • [OS1] Guillemot, G., Buisine, S., De Cagny, A., Davies, M., Humblot, B., Muller-Segard, L. (2016). Les innovations créatrices d’emplois industriels. Paris : GIM.

  ACL : Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture 2015-2020 

  • [ACL20] Boisadan, A., Buisine, S., Moreau, P., Boumenir, Y. (accepted). Designing universal visuotactile pictograms for orientation maps. Journal of Accessibility and Design for All.
  • [ACL19] Agnès, A., Fleury, S., Auzerais, A., Bisson, I., Dulau, E., Buisine, S., Richir, S. (accepted). Text input tools' complementarity in immersive virtual environments. International Journal of Design and Innovation Research.
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