Learning, qualifying, certificating Environment

This project dealt with the training of managers of the French Post Office (La Poste).

Designed in 2015 in partnership with Ecole des Managers de l’Université du Courrier de La Poste and Interface, this project had as its main objective to build different possible paths including workplace learning, formal and non-formal learning situations, to allow the managers of La Poste to get CESI’s diplomas such as MS-MPP, ARCADRE, etc.

Our research team acted as an advisor for this innovative project of rethinking the workplace and daily work as potential learning situations, and brought methodological support during the design phase.

A model proposing a full set of workplace learning situations allowing to meet all the learning objectives of the ARCADRE curriculum was developed.

This project stopped prematurely after a decision of La Poste Executive Committee.

Partners : La Poste, Interface, CESI

Start of project: October 2014

End of project: February 2015

environnement apprenant