A framework for modeling and analyzing cyber-physical systems using statistical model checking

February 2023
Engineering and Numerical Tools
Articles dans des revues internationales ou nationales avec comité de lecture
Auteurs : Abdel-Latif Alshalalfah (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering), Otmane Ait Mohamed (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering), Samir Ouchani (LINEACT)
Journal : Internet of Things, 20 February 2023

The trustworthiness of a cyber–physical system is essential for it to be qualified for utilization in most real-life deployments. This is especially critical for systems that deal with precious human lives. Although these safety-critical systems can be investigated using both experimental testing and model-based verification, accurate models have the potential to permit risk-free mimicking of the system behavior even in the most extreme scenarios. To overcome the CPS modeling and design challenges, the INCOSE/OMG standard System Modeling Language (SysML) is utilized in this work to accurately specify cyber–physical systems. For that, a bounded set of SysML constructs are defined to precisely capture the semantics of continuous-time and discrete-time system behaviors. Then, the SysML constructs are substituted by developing a new algebra, called Enhanced Activity Calculus (EAC). So, EAC helps construct equivalent priced timed automata models by developing a new systematic procedure to correctly translate the SysML models into the statistical model checking tool UPPAAL-SMC inputs. The latter checks whether the system is correct and safe or not. Moreover, the soundness of the developed translation mechanism has been proved and its effectiveness has been shown on a real use case, namely the artificial pancreas.