An IoT-based Framework for an Optimal Monitoring andControl of Cyber-Physical Systems: Application on BiogasProduction System

November 2021
Engineering and Numerical Tools
Communications avec actes dans un congrès international
Auteurs : Samir Ouchani (LINEACT)
Conférence : Internet of Things, 6 November 2021

Among the possible conversion processes for biomass is AnaerobicDigestion (AD) that produces a valuable energy known as biogas.However, the instability of biogas production is challenging dueto the complex process of the AD that requires a precise environ-mental conditions as well as different bacteria populations. Hence,monitoring and controlling these conditions and tracking the bac-teria behaviour inside the digester is the way to overcame thischallenge and enhance the biogas production. We address thesechallenges by proposing an IoT-based framework that aims to im-plement an End-to-End secure Cyber-Physical System (CPS) forbiogas plants. The proposed framework encloses three layers: theperception layer which is mainly the industrial network, the net-work layer that develops the IT network inside the plant wherethe supervision and control is being conducted. In addition, theapplication layer which is defined by the IoT platform and softwaresensor to enable predictive analysis. To show the effectiveness ofthe proposed solution, we deployed the framework implementationon GNS3 that fully simulates the real conditions