CESI is putting in place six research grants for PhD thesis

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As part of the development of its activities, CESI is putting in place six research grants for PhD thesis to start at the beginning of the 2021 academic year. More information here after and on the website of the Bernard Gregory Association.

Thesis based in Angoulême

Optimization of transport task scheduling of collaborative intelligent robots in the context of Industry 5.0

  • Scientific Domains: optimisation and simulation of complex systems; scheduling of flexible production workshops; interaction human robot 
  • Key words :  Optimisation; Simulation; mobile robotics; human machine interaction; dynamic scheduling; industry 5.0.

Thesis based in Lyon

Application of artificial intelligence techniques to the resolution of the dynamic scheduling problem for a “flexible job shop” in the context of industry 5.0

  • Scientific domains: Industrial Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 5.0
  • Keywords : Dynamic scheduling, Job-shop, artificial intelligence

Thesis based in Nanterre

Methodological and technological environment for group creativity: Experimental approach

  • Scientific domains: Engineering Sciences, Innovation Sciences and Techniques, Cognitive Sciences
  • Key words:  Group creativity methods, Digital collaborative tools, Virtual reality

Thesis based in Reims

Maturity of virtual and augmented reality systems coupled with BIM in the building operation and maintenance phase

  • Scientific domains: Industry of the future, Building of the future, Engineering and digital tools
  • Keywords: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Evaluation, Maturity

Thesis based in Rouen

Diagnostic et Prognostic via AI within the frame of industrial maintenance

  • Scientific domains : Industry 4.0, IMS (Intelligent Maintenance Systems), Machine Learning
  • Key words :  Alarm correlation, Diagnostic & Prognostic, Machine Learning, IA

Thesis based in Toulouse

Real-time semantic map using a data fusion algorithm and individual perceptions of a mobile robots swarm in a human-robot industrial environment

  • Scientific domains : industrial robotics, computer science, data processing
  • Keywords : data fusion, semantic map, real-time, human-robot cohabitation, digital twins