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Campus CESI Saint-Nazaire
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44600 Saint-Nazaire

Research team

Engineering and Numerical Tools

Educational activities

  • Topics : Engineering Mechanics – Static and Dynamics, Mechanics of materials
  • Level : Engineers 1st, 2nd and 3rd years



  • Habilitation (HDR)
    Nantes University, 2019
    « Contributions to increase the use of composites and adhesives in the oil industry » 
  • PhD
    University of Versailles-St Quentin en Yvelines, 2005
    « An interface model for the simulation of the behaviour of adhesively bonded joints » 
  • Mechanical Engineer
    Fluminense Federal University (Brazil), 1998

Research interest

  • Mechanics of materials: numerical simulation and experimental methods.
  • Composite materials and bonded joints.
  • Durability of materials and structures: ageing, fatigue, creep.
  • Geopolymers and bio-sourced materials.

Professional experience

  • Visiting professor at the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (GeM – UMR 6183).
  • Professor at the Federal Center for Technological Education in Rio de Janeiro (CEFET/RJ).
  • Lecturer, Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), Brazil.


Research supervision

PhD programs in progress

  • M. HOUHOU. “Study of the application of geopolymer matrix composites in the fabrication of toxic waste containers”, 2022-2025.
  • M.A. TAZI. “Composite repair patches for concrete structures”, 2022-2025.
  • N.R.F. ROHEM. “The influence of the shape factor on the creep behavior of bonded joints”, 2023-2026.
  • E. PINTO. “L’influence du vieillissement hygroscopique sur le fluage des joints collés”, 2023-2026.

PhD programs achieved

  • M. MOREIRA AROUCHE. « Study of mixed-mode fracture of composite-to-metal adhesively bonded joints ». September 2021.
  • A.C. VIANA PASSOS. « Study of the adhesion of polyurethane and epoxy adhesives on geopolymer and composite substrates ». May 2021.
  • L. AMARAL ALVES. « Assessment of formulation and durability for slag based pure geopolymer composite reinforced with glass fibers ». February 2021.
  • F.V. PEREIRA DA SILVA. « Cutting forces generated by turning – A case study of the Cu-Al-Be and Cu-Al-Be-Nb-Ni Shape Memory Alloys ». February 2014.
  • I.M. CARIRY LACET DE BARROS MARTINS. « Study of the bonding properties of an inorganic polymer to the dentin using push-out tests ». November 2013.
  • J.D.R. BARBOZA DE SOUZA. « Study of the adhesive properties of metacaulinite-based geopolymers applied to the metallic substrates ». March 2013.
  • J. DIAS ALTIDIS. « Adhesive properties of epoxy matrix composites reinforced with metallic powders. March 2013.
  • E.A. SANTOS CORREIA. « Geopolymer matrix composites reinforced with pineapple and sisal fibers ». September 2011.
  • K.C. GOMES DA SILVA. « Iron Distribution in iron-rich geopolymer compounds ». March 2011.
  • A. DA SILVA SOBRINHO JUNIOR. « Evaluation of the effect of microstructural parameters and process of fluid impregnation in culms of bambusa vulgaris ». September 2010.
  • A. PORTO VIEIRA. « Microhardness applied to the study of damage in composite coatings for metallic surfaces ». March 2010.
  • E. PEREIRA DA SILVA. « Evaluation of bond in structures tubular metal coated with cementitious material under static and dynamic stress ». March 2010.

Postdoctoral research

Ongoing Postdoctoral Research

  • A. SILVA. Postdoctoral fellowship started on 23/01/2024. Integration of Fatigue and Aging in the Study of Durability of 3D Printed Bimaterial Components. Co-supervisor: Dr. Romain GRANGEAT.

Postdoctoral Research

  • S. BUDHE. « Effect of ageing on the adhesion of composite repairs ». CEFET/RJ, Brésil. From June 2015 to January 2020.
  • B.M. FADHIL ALQARASHI. « Numerical and experimental prediction of the failure pressure in repaired pipelines ». Nantes University. Civil and Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (GeM – UMR 6183). From January to June 2018.
  • C.E. REUTHER DE SIQUEIRA. « Numerical and experimental analyses of composite repairs applied to oil industry ». CEFET/RJ, Brésil. From March 2014 to December 2015.



  • 91 Papers on Scopus Database (1528 Citations ; h-index = 18).
  • 2 Book.
  • 4 Book chapters.


Publications sélectionnées

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