JOUANE Youssef


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+33 3 88 10 59 72

Centre de Strasbourg
2 Allée des Foulons
67380 Lingolsheim

Research interests

Renewable energy / Photovoltaics / Photonics and Systems / Smart building /Energy / Energy and Materials Sciences / Artificial Intelligence

Educational activities

  • Disciplines : Photovoltaic & Renewable Energies, Materials, Electronics, Mechanics, Electricity & Signal Processing & Thermal.
  • Pedagogy : Pedagogy by project, Lectures, TD, TP.
  • Levels : 1-5 years engineering schools, undergraduate courses, Associate’s Degree (DUT, Two-year university degree in technology), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Master’s degree, MSC (Master of Science).
  • Pedagogical responsibilities : Responsible for engineering students promotion, Academic responsibilities


Ph.D in Energy and Materials sciences (Photovoltaic)

University of Strasbourg


MSC (Master of Science)

INSA of Strasbourg | University of Strasbourg


Master’s degree in Physics

University of Strasbourg


Research supervisions

  • Various PhD co-supervision : University of Limoges, Köchi University of Technology in Japan, University of Strasbourg
  • Supervision : Research internship, «Machine Learning for BIPV Smart Buildings » 2022.


Selected publications

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