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Research team

Engineering and Numerical Tools

Educational activities

  • Disciplines : Automation, Electricity, Modelling and Simulation of Production Systems, Thermodynamics, MARP, operation research, supply chain
  • Level : IUT, L3, Engineers 1st 2 nd and 3rd years, Masters 1 and 2


  • Habilitation (HDR) in industrial engineering
    Normandy University, 2019
  • PhD in automation & robotics
    University Paul Verlaine, 2007
  • Master’s degree in automation and industrial organization
    University Paul Verlaine, 2003
  • Master’s degree in robotics and intelligent systems
    University Pierre et Marie Curie, 2002
  • Engineer in Automation
    National polytechnic school of Algiers Algeria, 2001

Research interest

  • Industrial engineering
  • Flow simulation and optimization
  • Renewable energy and circular economy
  • Robotics and collaborative smart systems
  • Human Robot Interaction and Industry 5.0

Current research program

  • COROT (2016-2022) – Improving the design of flexible and responsive manufacturing systems involving autonomous and Collaborative RoboTs: An Interreg-V-FMA project: using collaborative robots to perform loading, unloading and transport tasks in flexible manufacturing facilities.
  • PLFADDT (2019-2021) – Le Parc Logistique Du Futur Acteur D’un Developpement Durable Des Territoires: Our work in this project focuses on the definition of the technologies and activities that the logistic platform must contain, we work on the simulation of logistic flows at the warehouse and regional level.
  • UV-Robot (2017-2021) – Innovative UV-robotics to improve existing IPM strategies and to benefit farmers, consumers and the environment. Development of mobile robots for the treatment of horticultures with UV-C radiation. CESI is optimising the scheduling of robot tasks and the implementation of such a system.
  • AntihPert: Operator 4.0 and dynamic anticipation of its disturbances in production workshops. The aim of this project is to identify the different disturbances that human operators cause in the production system and to find ways to counter them through the anticipation of these disturbances or to find scheduling alternatives able to absorb them.

Research supervision

PhD programs achieved

  • José Eloundou “Multi-constraint modelling of a Flexible Production System”, defended on 11 July 2016
  • Mohammed Amin Benatia “Multi-constraint optimization of network infrastructures operated in the context of intelligent buildings” defended on 11 July 2016
  • Imen Bouzarkouna “Interoperability and distributed real-time processing in industrial cyber-physical systems” (2017- 2021).
  • Souleymane Moussa “Distributed supervision of a flexible production system using collaborative mobile robots for the transportation task”(2017-2020).
  • Yiyi XU “Sim-Optimisation of BIOwaste Treatment System using multi-agent and multi-objective optimisation systems”. Thesis collaboration with Neoma-bs. (2018- 2021)
  • Salah-eddine Bellal “Exploration of the potential of computer vision for object recognition for the design of an intelligent device in an industrial context” (2015-2022). University of Batna, Algeria.
  • Fatima Bezzaoucha “Modelling of fault propagation based on distributed architecture for the implementation of proactive maintenance in energy production systems” ESI 8 Mai 1945, Sidi Bel-Abbés, Algeria (2018- 2021).
  • Wassila Abdellaoui “Modelling, scheduling of a multi-product transport system – an Algerian case study”, University of Tlemcen (2017- 2021)

PhD programs in progress

  • Kader Sanogo: Optimization of the scheduling of transport tasks of collaborative intelligent robots in the context of Industry 5.0, supervisor: Abdelkader MEKHALEF BENHAFSSA. (2021 – 2024)
  • Pierre HOMONO: Multi-objective optimisation of human-robot collaboration based on artificial intelligence: application to the aeronautics industry. Cifre thesis with the company eXcent, Supervisor : Ahmed Nait Chabane (2021 – 2024)
  • Bouaziz Nouredine : Dynamic predictive scheduling of a flexible production workshop under uncertainty of human behaviour, co-director : Adnan Yassine (ULHN), supervisor : Belgacem Bettayeb (2022 – 2025)
  • Nabila Yalaoui : Robust approaches for the piloting of a petroleum transport system with the presence of uncertainties, co-supervisor : SOUIER Mehdi of the University of Tlemcen (2021 – 2025)
  • Salima Sali: Towards intelligent man-machine interfaces for decision support, co-director: Sidi Mohammed Benslimane. (2022 – 2025)


  •   Internship supervision:
    • Salwa Mlik M2 (2022)
    • Ziad Ben Mamia (6 mois en 2021);
    • Sriram PRABHAKARA RAO  (6 mois en 2020);
    • Ryad DJAHARA M2 (2020) ;
    • Abdessamad Benaissa M2 (2020) ;
    • Abirami amoundi M2 (2019) ;
    • Keerthi parsad (2019) ;
    • Kalb-eddine CHELLI, M2 (2018) ;
    • Merouane MAZAR, M2 (2018) ;
    • Vincent constant meny, engineering project (2016-2017) ;
    • Merouane MAZAR, M2 (2017);
    • Souleymane Moussa, M2 (2017) ;
    • Soufian Zerouali, M2 (2016) ;
    • DOITTEAU LOIC, EXIA (2015).

Scientific Animation

Reviewer for: 

  • Conferences: MIM, CPI, MOSIM, ICMSC, Codit, ANT.
  • journals : AMM-Elsevier, JIM- Springer, IJPR, IJREM

Chair of sessions in :

  • MIM2016, CIE44-2014, Codit 2017.

Organization of special sessions:

  • MIM2016; Codit2017 ; IESM 2017 ; ILS 2018
  • Creation and organization of the conference CyMaEn
  • Organization of the conference EMEA Business Analytics conference

Expert activities

  • Reviewer of research project: RIN Normandy region, Canada
  • Reviewer of PhD:
    • Amin Zammouri: Intelligent tutoring system via mental control: incorporating a passive brain-machine interface for mental effort level estimation in an educational environment. 2017 – University of Mohammed Premier – Morocco. (Rapporteur)
    • Wafae SEBBATA: Study and development of mobile manipulation tasks in the context of Industry 4.0. 2021 University Le Havre Normandie (Examiner)
    • Abdullah Ibraheem Almouhanna: Heuristic Approaches for Location Routing Problem. 2019 University of Portsmouth (Rapporteur)
    • Kim-Thanh Nguyen :  Optimization and design of lower-limb prosthesis: materials, simulations and prototyping. 2021 – University of Paris-Saclay (Rapporteur)
    • Noushin Bagheri : Circular Economy and Sustainability in the UAE. 2021 – Neoma-bs. (Rapporteur)
    • Marwen AOUINI : Intelligent predictive maintenance system using guided ultrasound waves and data mining. 2021 – Yutz Welding Institute and Georgia Tech Lorraine. (Rapporteur)
    • Hajar Lamghari Elidrissi: Contribution to the modeling, control, and evaluation of an urban road traffic system. 2022 Cadi Ayyad University – Morocco. (Rapporteur)
    • MALIKI Fouad: Resolution of a stochastic location-allocation problem with site unavailability management. 2020 Aboubakr BELKAÏD University – Tlemcen, Algeria. (Rapporteur)
    • Merouane Mazar: Simulation and optimization of dynamic management of evolving tasks on autonomous mobile robots. 2022 – CESI LINEACT – Rouen – France (Examiner)
    • Anis Allal : Design and development of decision support tools for maintenance and production management in the context of renewable energies. 2022 University Djillali Liabès de Sidi Bel Abbès (Examiner)
  • PhD follow committee member.


Summary (2004-2020)

  • ACL : 21
  • INV
  • ACTI : 48
  • ACTN : 18
  • OS : 2
  • Brevets : 0
  • Articles de vulgarisation : 0

Selected publications

Articles in journals with reviewing committee (2014- 2020)

  • [ACL 21] Bouzarkouna, I., Sahnoun, M. H., Bettayeb, B., Baudry, D., & Gout, C. (2023). Optimal Deployment of Fog-Based Solution for Connected Devices in Smart Factory. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics.
  • [ACL20] Sanogo, K., Benhafssa, A. M., Sahnoun, M. H., Bettayeb, B., Abderrahim, M., & Bekrar, A. (2023). A multi-agent system simulation based approach for collision avoidance in integrated Job-Shop Scheduling Problem with transportation tasks. Journal of Manufacturing Systems68, 209-226.
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  • [ACL18] Brik, B., Messaadia, M., Sahnoun, M. H., Bettayeb, B., & Benatia, M. A. (2021). Fog-supported Low Latency Monitoring of System Disruptions in Industry 4.0: A Federated Learning Approach. ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems.
  • [ACL 17] Abdellaoui, W., Souier, M., Sahnoun, M. H., & Abdelaziz, F. B. (2021). Multi-period optimal schedule of a multi-product pipeline: A case study in Algeria. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 159, 107483.
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  • [ACL14] Havard, V., Sahnoun, M. H., Bettayeb, B., Duval, F., & Baudry, D. (2021). Data architecture and model design for Industry 4.0 components integration in cyber-physical production systems. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 235(14), 2338-2349.
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International conferences with reviewing committee (selection 2019- 2020)

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