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Phone number : +33 4 72 18 89 36

Campus CESI Lyon
19 avenue Guy de Collongue
BP 160 Cedex 69130 Ecully

Research team

Engineering and Numerical Tools

Educational activities

  • Disciplines : Industrial engineering
  • Level : Engineers, masters


  • PhD in Industrial Engineering
    INP Grenoble
  • Research Master in Industrial Engineering
    ENI Tunis
  • Engineering degree
    ENI Tunis

Research interest

  • Optimization of production systems
  • Industry 5.0
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Urban mobility

Current Research Programs

  • Dynamic flexible job-shop scheduling problem under industry 5.0

Supervision of PhD students

Candice DESTOUET, “Application of AI techniques to dynamic scheduling problems of “flexible job shop” type workshops in the context of Industry 5.0.”, April 2022 -> March 2025


  • ACL : 5
  • C-ACTI : 15
  • C-ACTN : 4

Selected publications

  • Candice  Destouet,  Houda  Tlahig,  Belgacem  Bettayeb,  and  Bélahcène Mazari. Flexible job shop scheduling problem under industry 5.0: A sur- vey on human reintegration, environmental consideration and resilience improvement. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 67:155–173, 2023.
  • Rim Slama, Ilhem Slama, Houda Tlahig, Pierre Slangen, and Oussama Ben-Ammar. An overview on human-centred technologies, measurements and optimisation in assembly systems. International Journal of Production Research, 1–23, 2023.
  • R. Masson, A. Trentini, F. Lehuédé, N. Malhéné, O. Péton, H. Tlahig “Optimization of a city logistics transportation system with mixed passengers and good”s. EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, Springer, 2015, pp.1-29
  • H. Tlahig, A. Jebali, H. Bouchriha, P. Ladet, «Centralized Versus Distributed Sterilization Service: A Location- Allocation Decision Model», Operations Research for Health Care, Vol.2, issue 4, 75-85, 2013.
  • Candice Destouet, Houda Tlahig, Belgacem Bettayeb, and Bélahcène Mazari. Nsga-ii for solving a multi-objective, sustainable and flexible job shop scheduling problem. In IFIP International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, pages 548–562. Springer Nature Switzerland Cham, 2023.
  • Rim Slama, Oussama Ben-Ammar, Houda Tlahig, Ilhem Slama, and Pierre Slangen. Human-centred assembly and disassembly systems: a survey on technologies, ergonomic, productivity and optimisation. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 55(10):1722–1727, 2022.
  • David Garcia, Houda Tlahig, Belgacem Bettayeb, and M’hammed Sahnoun. Evaluation of dispatching rules performance for a djssp: Towards their application in industry 4.0. In 2021 1st International Conference on Cyber Management and Engineering (CyMaEn), pages 1–6. IEEE, 2021.
  • Antoine Bailly, Houda Tlahig, Belgacem Bettayeb, Mourad Messaadia, and M’hammed Sahnoun. Human’s new roles to ensure resilience of industrial cyber-physical systems. In 2020 IEEE Conference on Industrial Cyberphysical Systems (ICPS), volume 1, pages 453–458. IEEE, 2020.