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31 670 Labège

Research Theme

Educational Sciences and  Innovation Sciences

Pedagogical Activities

  • Disciplines : Mathematiques, Material sciences
  • Mode : Tutoring, Mentoring 
  • Levels : Master, PhD, continuing education


PhD in Material Science

Toulouse Federal University


Master in Material Science

Toulouse Federal University


Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Sciences

University of Toulon




Current Research Programs

  • COOP : Culture InnOvation et PrOtotypage pour l’entrePreneuriat (FRIF Région Nouvelle Aquitaine et FSE)
  • Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Aéronautique et Spatial (PIA – Label d’Excellence CMQ)
  • Innov’Emploi – volet expérimentation (Région Occitanie)


Scientific Animation

  • Animator for factory of the future for the global competitiveness pole Aerospace Valley
  • Member of board of directors for Robotics Place Cluster
  • Member of organizing committee of innovation hackathon (48h pour faire émerger les idées).
  • Member of the organizing committee of CONFERE 2019, 26ème Colloque des Sciences de la Conception et de l’Innovation.


Selected publications

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