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Collaborative robots are increasingly operating in advanced production systems to complete various types of tasks, such as transporting materials, loading and unloading parts on machines and handling parts within the production factories, which are often repetitive and low added-value. Therefore, it is natural and in sometimes even necessary, to automate them.

The CoRoT project

For transport tasks, it is complex and requires :

  • Developing a mobile robotic system manipulator equipped with gripping means,
  • Sharing of tasks within the system / between mobile robots, and
  • Developing a distributed supervision system.

The CoRoT project has mobilised more than 43 researchers, engineers and administrators to develop a robotic system able to perform complex tasks efficiently and safely. Use cases in laboratory and industrial environments were developed to test and prove the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

To celebrate the completion of the CoRoT project, the partners are organizing an one day public event, where the achievements of the project will be presented and exhibited. The day will also include presentations by specialists in the field of robotization of production systems. You can find the agenda here.

The event is open to industrial and academic actors wishing to present or exchange on their visions, thoughts or issues around the role of collaborative robotics in production systems. A visit and demonstrations of CESI’s “Usine du Futur” demonstrator will be organized: CESI use case, mobile robotics, collaborative robotics, flexible production system, AR/VR and digital twin for industry.

Project information

Grant from the France (Channel) England programme

Programme :2,6 M€ ; Project duration :4.5 years; Total budget :3,9 M€


Project coordinator : Dr. M’hammed Sahnoun msahnoun[at]cesi.fr