Factory of the future

Rouen’s demonstrator

The first one, deployed on the Rouen site, is today composed of:

A flexible workshop consisting of a FESTO didactic automated production line, manual stations, cobot stations as well as an autonomous mobile robotics platform integrating MIR robots, a Robotnik robot, manipulator arms type UR5 and UR10 and completed by AR equipment,

cesi lineact
cesi lineact
cesi atelier flexible production
cesi atelier robot

A VR room D’une salle de RV hosting a CAVE from the company Immersion,  various VR helmets and collection systems,

cesi lineact
cesi lineact

An additive manufacturing platform housing an HP 3D plastic additive manufacturing machine, which will be completed in 2021 with a metal additive manufacturing machine in FDM technology.

cesi lineact
cesi lineact

A digital twin of the flexible workshop.

jumeaux numérique

Nanterre’s demonstrator

The second one, deployed on the Nanterre site, is composed of:

  • An additive manufacturing platform composed of an Autonomous Metal Additive Manufacturing Unit housing an FA FormUp 350 machine in DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering technology as well as peripherals for parts processing, and metal and composite machines in FDM Markforged Metal X and Markforged Two technology,
lineact image page d'accueil

A robotics platform consistuted of autonomous mobile robots, UR and KUKA manipulator arms

robot nanterre

Immersive digital tools such as VR headsets.