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Campus CESI La Rochelle
8 rue Isabelle Autissier
17140 - LAGORD

Research interests

  • Wireless Networks, Mobile Networks
  • 5G, Quality of service
  • Digital Twins
  • Industry 5.0 – Security

Educational activities

  • Courses : Networking, Cyber Security, System Administration, Introduction to the research
  • Level : Undergraduate engineering students, masters


PhD in Networking and Computer Science

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse and l’ENSEEIHT

« Performances of LTE Networks »


Master degree in Systems and Networking Security

Télécom SudParis and l’Université Paris EST




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Books and chapters

  • M. Iturralde and T. Yahiya, book chapter “Performance Study of Opportunistic Scheduling in LTE Networks” in “LTE and its Performance”, Springer ; 1st Edition, 29 Sep 2011. ISBN-10 : 1441964568 and ISBN-13 : 978-1441964564