BIM Data Flow Architecture with AR/VR Technologies: Associated Use Cases in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

janvier 2022
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Auteurs : Barbara Schiavi (LINEACT), Vincent Havard (LINEACT), Karim Beddiar (LINEACT), David Baudry (LINEACT)
Journal : Automation in Construction, 30 janvier 2022

The construction of a building comprises several phases and involves many stakeholders. As projects have become more and more complex, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology was proposed to unify projects around a Digital Twin of the information necessary for collaboration. In recent years, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have shown their relevance in assisting in various construction activities. However, their use requires additional refinement for them to be integrated into the BIM process. This literature review is an analysis of the cutting-edge applications of AR and VR in Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) projects and prevailing trends in their usage. This review focuses on publications related to BIM’s safety applications (such as risk prevention and site operations during construction phase), as well as on data flow architectures between BIM and AR or VR applications.