Business Model Innovation as resilience factor to face Covid-19 crisis

juillet 2022
Apprendre et Innover
Communications orales sans actes dans un congrès international ou national
Auteurs : Elodie Pillon (LINEACT)
Conférence : R&D Management 2022, 10 juillet 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic causes SMEs to reinvent themselves, in part or in whole to survive, the concept of organizational resilience (OR) seems to be increasingly popular in response to this challenge(Thukral, 2021). Also, Business Model Innovation (BMI) is an important response mechanism in turbulent environments. Although previous research recognizes a link between BMI and OR, it is still largely unexplored (Buliga, Scheiner, & Voigt, 2016). Understanding the relationship between these two concepts would allow for a better understanding of adequate organizational responses to environmental change. In this sense, we propose a conceptual framework to understand the link between BMI and OR in the specific contexte of SMEs