Indoor Air Temperature and Occupant Behavior in Classroom of higher education building in Mediterranean climate

octobre 2023
Ingénierie & Outils numériques
Auteurs : Abderrahmane SOUFI (LINEACT)
, 5 décembre 2023

Data collection Include the measurement of indoor and outdoor environmental parameters (air temperature and relative humidity) and occupant interactions with building systems (window and door status: open/closed, blind state, and thermostat/air-conditioning adjustment). The outdoor air temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed were collected as potential control variables to indicate different outdoor conditions. The indoor air temperature and relative humidity in the classroom were monitored using wireless sensors. Six RHT sensors were placed at different locations: one in the center (F98), two on the ceiling next to grilles (FA1 et F9B), one on the carpentry of one of the windows (F9D), one near the writing board (F94), and one in the corridor outside the classroom (F96). Indoor parameters were recorded at ten minutes intervals. The number of occupants was determined hourly (morning and afternoon) by counting and surveying (attendance sheets). The usage schedules of the classroom were 8:30–18:00. The number of occupants varied from 0 to 31. The states of doors and windows (open or close) were monitored using magnetic sensor that detects the opening of doors and windows. The states of the door and windows were recorded at ten minute intervals. The window-blind closing rate was determined by visual observation. The closing rates were 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Observations were conducted throughout the day in the morning and afternoon at 1 h intervals. The state of the heating/air-conditioning system was determined to be off or on every hour (in the morning and afternoon) using the HVAC control panel (HMI).