Toward BIM and LPS data integration for Lean site project management: A State-of-the-Art review and recommendations

mai 2021
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Auteurs : Maroua SBITI (LINEACT), Karim BEDDIAR (LINEACT), Djaoued BELADJINE (LINEACT), Romuald PERRAULT (Sans affiliation), Bélahcène MAZARI (LINEACT)
Journal : Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 22 mai 2021

Over recent years, the independent adoption of Lean Construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM) have shown improvements in construction industry efficiency. Because those approaches have overlapping concepts, it’s thought that their synergic adoption can bring much more benefits. Today, the implementation of the Lean-BIM interactions theoretical framework is still challenging many companies. This paper conducts a comprehensive review with the intent to identify prevailing Lean and BIM interconnections areas. To this end, 77 papers published in both AEC journals and conferences over the last decade were reviewed. The weighting matrix pro-posed exhibit the most promising interactions, namely those related to 4D BIM-based visualiza-tion of construction schedules produced and updated by last planners. The authors also make evidence of lack of sufficiently integrated BIM-Last Planner System® framework and technolo-gies. Thus, they propose a new theoretical framework considering all BIM and LPS interactions. In our model, we suggest automating the generation of the phase schedule using jointly BIM data and work breakdown structure database. Thereafter, the lookahead planning and weekly work plan will be supported by a field application that must be able to exchange data with the enter-prise resource planning system, document management systems, and report progress into the BIM model.