Towards the Design of a Quick and Universal Questionnaire to Assess the Intuitiveness of Products

avril 2021
Apprendre et Innover
Articles dans des revues internationales ou nationales avec comité de lecture
Auteurs : Andréa Boisadan (LINEACT), Stéphanie Buisine (LINEACT), Philippe Moreau (Sans affiliation)
Journal : Theoritical Issues in ergonomics Science, 7 avril 2021

The goal of this research is to design a tool to assess intuitiveness of products. Existing scales such as INTUI (Diefenbach and Ullrich 2010, 2015) show some limitations when used by children and/or for evaluating non-digital products. We aim to obtain a more universal questionnaire tool. INTUI questionnaire measures the components of an intuitive interaction (Effortlessness, Gut feeling, Magical experience, Verbalizability and Intuitiveness) through 17 items. After removing or rephrasing several items, we tested a revised version (8 items) with 68 participants (children and adults) who performed a task (a drawing for children and subtractions for adults) with a digital device (tactile tablet for children and smartphone for adults) and a non-digital device (paper and pencil). The results led us to remove the “Verbalizability” and “Gut feeling” dimensions which were difficult to understand and inconsistent with the conceptual model. The final version of the questionnaire (5 items) including three dimensions (Effortlessness, Magical Experience and Intuitiveness) was tested with 69 adults to evaluate a Coffee Dispenser Machine. Both “Effortlessness” and “Magical experience” dimensions seem to reliably predict intuitiveness.