A BIM-based framework for an Optimal WSNDeployment in Smart Building

octobre 2020
Ingénierie & Outils numériques
Communications avec actes dans un congrès international
Auteurs : Amine BRAHMIA (LINEACT), Jean-François Dollinger (LINEACT), Samir OUCHANI (LINEACT), Walid Miloud DAHMANE (Sans affiliation)
Conférence : 11th International Conference on Network of the Future, 12 octobre 2020

Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) are essential to ensure data collection and monitor in real time buildings and their environments. In general, the collected data are of paramount importance especially to optimize resource consumption and to improve the indoor user's comfort. However, the reliability of smart buildings depends on the completeness and the relevance of the collected information, which needs an optimal sensor deployment inside buildings to ensure an efficient coverage of the area of interest. However, this problem has been widely studied in free space, but it became more complex when the sensors positions must take into account in the presence of heterogeneous obstacles. To tackle this problem, ISOD framework built a multi-objective optimization algorithm, exploits BIM database information including the physical properties of the used materials in the obstacles, and deploys dynamically the optimal WSN configuration. The effectiveness of ISOD has been showed on different scenarios and the results showed that ISOD deployments have a maximum coverage with a reliable connectivity.