AI-Powered Diagnosis of Skin Cancer: A Contemporary Review, Open Challenges and Future Research Directions

février 2023
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Auteurs : Navneet Melarkode (Vellore Institute of Technology), Kathiravan Srinivasan (Vellore Institute of Technology), Saeed Mian Qaisar (LINEACT), Pawel Plawiak (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Journal : Cancers, 12 février 2023

The proposed research aims to provide a deep insight into the deep learning and machine learning techniques used for diagnosing skin cancer. While maintaining a healthy balance between both Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning, the study also discusses open challenges and future directions in this field. The research includes a comparison on widely used datasets and prevalent review papers discussing skin cancer diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence. The authors of this study aim to set this review as a benchmark for further studies in the field of skin cancer diagnosis by also including limitations and benefits of historical approaches.