Integrating preferences within multiobjective flexible job shop scheduling

juillet 2022
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Auteurs : Madani Bezoui (LINEACT), Alexandru-Liviu Olteanu (LABS-TICC), Sevaux Marc (LABS-TICC)
Journal : European Journal of Operational Research, 18 juillet 2022

When faced with a multiobjective optimization problem, it is necessary to consider the decision-maker preferences in order to propose the best compromise solution. We consider the multiobjective flexible job shop scheduling problem and a decision-maker that is best represented using a non-compensatory ref- erence level-based preference model. We show how integrating this model into a multiobjective genetic algorithm allows to obtain solutions that surpass more aspiration levels when compared to classical mul- tiobjective optimization approaches. Furthermore, these solutions are found faster and in greater numbers which facilitates their integration within the workshop.