Modelling the “transactive memory system” in multimodal multiparty interactions

novembre 2023
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Auteurs : Beatrice Biancardi (LINEACT), Maurizio Mancini (), Brian Ravenet (LISN-CNRS), Giovanna Varni (DISI)
Journal : Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, 10 novembre 2023

Transactive memory system (TMS) is a team emergent state representing the knowledge of each member about “who knows what” in a team performing a joint task. We present a study to show how the three TMS dimensions Credibility, Specialisation, Coordination, can be modelled as a linear combination of the nonverbal multimodal features displayed by the team performing the joint task. Results indicate that, to some extent, the three dimensions of TMS can be expressed as a linear combination of nonverbal multimodal features. Moreover, the higher the number of modalities (audio, movement, spatial), the better the modelling. Results could be used in future work to design human-centered computing applications able to automatically estimate TMS from teams’ behavioural patterns, to provide feedback and help teams’ interactions.